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Flanders Make concentrates on industry-driven technological research and innovation together with and to the benefit of large companies and SMEs within the Flemish manufacturing industry. The focus is on open innovation through excellent research in the field of mechatronics, methods for developing products and technology to make them. This contributes to concrete product and process innovations in the vehicle industry, mechanical engineering and production environments. The research results can be applied by a wide range of companies across the manufacturing industry, which often face similar technological challenges. Together, they can innovate better and faster. Flanders Make also attaches great importance to international cooperation in the field of innovation and to participation in European research projects.
Flanders Make has establishments in Lommel, Leuven and Kortrijk and at the 5 Flemish universities: KULeuven, University Antwerp, University Ghent, University Hasselt and Free University Brussels

Design and Simulation

Customised Innovation
We help companies to develop technological solutions, from the moment that an idea is beginning to take shape up to its development into a fully functional product or production process. We also support them in view of the optimisation of their existing products and production processes.

Process Optimization and Consulting

Testing and validation
As a Flemish research centre, we offer test infrastructure all over Flanders. These test facilities focus on product validation or production optimisation and are located in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven and Lommel.

The two main types of research that are set up by Flanders Make are: 

Strategic basic research (SBO) is challenging and innovative research with a clear perspective towards product development or production process innovation. Through the user group, companies can follow up the project for four years and submit cases to validate the results. As such, they are the co-creators of a hotbed for the technology of tomorrow.

Industrial applied research (ICON or interdisciplinary collaborative research), in which we bring knowledge closer to the market and translate it into concrete products or production processes within companies. These are two-year projects working on medium-term applications. Companies actively help to apply the results within their own area of expertise. 

Our use cases

Optimal Design of Multi-Material Structures (OPTIMULTI)

The general objective of the OPTIMULTI project is the development of an optimisation framework (methods and supporting tools) enabling to determine the optimal geometry and material choice, in the 3D design phase, in order to achieve the desired mechanical performance, weight and cost of multi-material structures as well as feasible designs by taking into account specific design rules. Based on the priorities set by the industrial consortium, stiffness and dynamic properties (e.g. first eigen frequencies) will be considered as mechanical properties in the optimisation framework.


Product developers and manufacturers to optimise performance, weight and cost of their products in a time and cost-efficient way.

Technology providers to extend their engineering services and tools portfolio towards multi-material solutions including cost estimation and design rules.

Material suppliers to enlarge their services for their customers towards system solutions, i.e. design and optimisation not of their own materials but in combination with other materials as well as design tailored to the specific customer application.

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