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CEAD is a technology supplier of 3D printing equipment on the frontier of large scale composite additive manufacturing. 
For 7 years we have been developing large scale 3D printing technology. From stand alone printheads to build your own 3D printer to complete gantry or robot solutions, delivered and installed worldwide. 
We currently focus at designing, producing and installing modular Flexbot robot solutions at clients worldwide.
With passion for technology and innovation, we are driven to find creative solutions for our clients and their applications. Helping them to transform their business activities with our technology.

Design and Simulation



Glass Fibers, Carbon Fibers, Short Fiber Compounds, Long-fiber-reinforced Compounds, Molding Compounds, Reinforcement Materials

Machinery and Tooling

Large scale additive manufacturing (3D printing)



Process Optimization and Consulting

Technical Support

Our use cases

Case 1: For a German shipbuilder, CEAD printed a flap for a yacht. Normally the flap is made of aluminum. From a large block of aluminum the correct shape is milled. This takes a lot of time and produces a lot of milling waste. In addition, an aluminum valve is heavier.

CEAD designed and printed a flapwith a special infill made for this valve. A a thermoplastic (ASA) was used. This allows us to print the net near shape. You don't have to mill away as much. Less waste and it's lighter.

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Detailed listing of our products and services

CEAD develops robot printheads that are able to process a wide range of thermoplastic fiber reinforced materials. At CEAD we are continuously testing materials together with our clients and material suppliers. From high performance materials reinforced with carbon fibers to commodity materials reinforced with glass or natural fibers. We think it is vital to test these materials as each application has different requirements and therefore demands different material.

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Research and development into new uses of thermoplastic composites in various sectors. As well as companies and research facilities that want implement large scale additive manufacturing.

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Vincent van Brakel

Online Marketer

+31 (0)15 737 01 83

Schieweg 25, 2627 AN, Delft, The Netherlands

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