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Maru Hachi stands for
• More than 80 years of experience
• One-stop shop for OEM, Tier1 and Tier2
(compression and injection molders)
• Over 10 years of experience in composites
• Innovative partner
• Family-owned
• Joint developments
• Japan-based
• Tailor-made engineering
• High quality development and manufacturing
• Make to order
• Flexible in designing materials
• Customized lot sizes


Full range of carbon, glass and aramid fibers,
PU, PE, PP, TPU, PA6 and other specialty PAs,

Our use cases

Thermoplastic composite materials are used in dynamic structural applications
in various market segments like Transportation, Electric and Electronics, Sports
or Consumer goods and generally provide the following benefits: Weight reduction
Energy absorption, good fatigue properties
and environmental benefits
Nice appearance/good surface quality
High volume mass production capabilities and can be
Tailored material properties incl. strength
easily combined with other processes
and stiffness
(integrative manufacturing technologies such as injection moulding,
Impact and corrosion resistance
compression moulding, tape winding and tape placement)
Short cycle times

Detailed listing of our products and services

Services along the value chain
• One stop prototyping process
integrated functionnalities
• Prototyping services
• Advanced technology & equipment
• Continuous & discontinous manufacturing
• System and machinery developed in-house
• Environmentally responsible production


Material know-how
• High-level material performance & integrated functionnalities
• Homogeneous and stable material
• Thin layers
• High toughness
• Flame retardancy
• Conductivity
• Complex shapes
• Materials are fully recycleable

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Toshi Sugahara

General Manager

+81 90 8969 2401
c/o AMAC GmbH, Finkenhag 1b, 52074 Aachen Germany

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