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As the management body for end-of-life vehicles in Belgium since 1999, Febelauto stimulates and coordinates the collection, treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles. It does this by closely monitoring the environmentally friendly treatment of end-of-life vehicles by authorised treatment centres and shredder plants.The non-profit organisation also manages the consultation between the different interest groups and the three regions. Finally, Febelauto also has the task of informing authorised treatment centres, recycling operators, civil servants, the last private and professional holders about all aspects of the collection and treatment process.
Since 2015, Febelauto has also been developing sustainable solutions for the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles. In doing so, Febelauto aims to maximise the life of these batteries through second life solutions, and ultimately to recycle the rare and valuable materials that make up these batteries as efficiently as possible.

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We service the car importers and producers for their extended producer responsabilities and we service the authorized treatment facilities who treat end-of-life vehicles

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We are constantly looking for ways to recycle carbon fibres from cars

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Recycling thermoplastics: carbon fibres in cars

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Catherine Lenaerts


+ 32 495 77 12 06

Woluwedal ​​46, box 13, 1200 Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)

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