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Astra Services S.R.L.
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ASTRA Services SRL employs 20 people and has been active in the plastic market since 1993 (Assemblies, Welding, Piping, Research and Development and Fittings) . Our articles are manufactured and assembled in our workshop of more than 800 m2.
We offer a wide range of products: dosing units, storage tanks, demineralization units, dilution stations, gas scrubbers, .... The emphasis is put on improvement and innovation.
The company has also developed a site pole. Qualified technicians will carry out the following operations: connections, assembly of storage tanks up to 100 m3, covering of metal or concrete tanks, assembly of PVC honeycombs by ultrasonic welding, installation of deaerators and ventilation circuits.
Being regularly solicited for complete solutions, the company works in partnership with metal and electrical manufacturers, general construction contractors and various suppliers of electromechanical equipment (dosing pumps, motors, ...). The customer has only one contact person, relaying to the specialist in each field. This grouping is a saving of time and money in order to provide a turnkey solution to our customers.
Through the positive feedback of its various customers, the company has built a reputation as a trusted partner in its field of activity.

Design and Simulation

Solidworks 3D



Machinery and Tooling

Welding (hot air),
Fraisage CNC (4000 X 2000 X 125 mm)


Complete industrial solutions: water treatment, chemical dosing

Process Optimization and Consulting

Water and Air Treatment

Our use cases

Chemviron Vulcan

Pilot unit in a maritim 20 foots container. A multi port valve (chemviron ISEP valve®) is connected to 4 PP tanks and resin vessels to separate lithium ions from thermal water (85°). Piping in PVdF. The final customer is german and want to increase the production after the pilot tests.
After tests we want to develop a piping system in PP-H with fiberglas and carbon fibers reinforced.




PP, PVdF -> PP-H reinforced carbon fibers


ISEP Valve ®, instrumentation and Piping: +GF+

Development Status


Development Partners

Chemviron as customer and engineering

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20 foot container

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Fettweis Alexandre


Rue de Nazareth 14
B4651 Battice

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