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Axel Seifert, the founder of Sharp Composites, dedicated his entire career to composite design and processing. For the past 3 decades, he was involved in projects covering the entire scope of the composites industry: sporting goods, chemical industry, gas storage, aerospace and much more. As renown expert in filament winding, he developed the world-wide leading simulation software, helping customers to improve the efficiency of design and increasing productivity of their processes. During the past 4 years, he served the automotive industry with a focus on composite pressure vessels for on-board storage of hydrogen.

Design and Simulation

As experts in composite pressure vessels, SHARP Composites has a brought experience in designing, prototyping and testing of type II, III, and IV tanks. A typical development project includes a preliminary study to evaluate the technical and economical feasibility considering specific material selections and production scenarios. When the initial risk assessment results in a positive evaluation, the detailed design of the tank will start resulting in clear specifications for line tooling and composite deign, all validated by numerical simulation (FEA).


Based on the outcome of the design study, prototypes will be manufactured and tested to confirm the performance of the tanks and to prepare the certification process. The process is optimized to increase productivity and reduce overall costs of production.

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