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EKK Eagle Simrax BV
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At Eagle Simrax, it’s our mission to help the industry and automotive sector to keep innovating, by investing in research and development. That’s why we look closely at the European OEM and proactively innovate in order to anticipate future demands.

Founded in 1969, we are proud to be the market leader in the production of high-quality sealing products and control solutions for a wide range of applications within the industry and automotive sector. In 1975, we started our sealing production at our current location in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, where we also manufacture and distribute a variety of additional EKK products, including compact seals, lip seals for water pumps and lip seals for airco compressors.

At our high-tech production facility, around 100 experts produce over 30 million seals on a yearly basis. Our focus on development and improvement makes us an accredited partner for OEMs and Tier1 companies engaged in the automotive industry.

Our use cases

EKK GlideXTM mechanical face seals have significant lower friction and energy consumption (up to 90% less). Due to the lower energy consumption also heat generation is proportionally lower. This reduces the heat dissipation requirements of its environment, e.g. allowing use of lighter weight materials with lower heat conduction properties.

Application examples:
Light weight, compact rotor cooled electric motor
High speed compact (1-speed) gear box


- Low friction / energy consumption
- Excellent sealing
- High speed capabilities


- Stainless steel / Silicon carbide


- Application: electric drive train

Development Status

- In serial production (SOP 2021)

Development Partners

- Internal EKK / Universities

Further information

- Textured face seal surfaces (micro laser structure)

Brochures to download

Article published in German automotive magazine MTZ can be send up on request

Looking for cooperation for

- Participation in projects requiring low friction shaft sealing solutions
- Participation in projects requiring pulsation dampening solutions in fluid systems (e.g. to
reduce noise)

Contact details

Dennis G.M. van Well

President Eagle Simrax

+31(0)45 5469200
+31 64 6105337

Hopelerweg 250  
6468 XX Kerkrade
The Netherlands

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