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The Fraunhofer IPT develops system solutions for networked, adaptive production. Our clients and cooperation partners come from the entire manufacturing industry – from energy, aviation, automotive and its suppliers, especially from tool and die making, the precision engineering and optical industries, but also from the life sciences and many other sectors.
We combine knowledge and experience in all fields of production technology. In the fields of process technology, production machinery, production quality and metrology as well as technology management, we offer project partners and clients individual special solutions and immediately realizable results for the manufacture of sophisticated components and high-tech products.
A central task of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT is to transfer the current research directly into industrial practice. Therefore, we focus not only our research on industrially applicable production technologies but also offer many technological products and services in the areas of process technology, production machines, mechatronics, production quality and metrology, and technology management.

Design and Simulation

Manufacturing product design


Development of recycling processes for thermoplastic processes
Process design and material-based process optimization

Machinery and Tooling

Special-purpose machinery for processing of composite materials:
-Tape and Prepreg
-Micro pullwinding and pultrusion

Molding Tools for the Production of fiber-reinforced Components:
-Individual design and manufacture of high-precision tools for the production and thermoforming of FRP components
-Integration of molds and sensors into existing production process chains
-Production of specimens and demonstrator components

Gripper and Handling Systems:
-Development and commissioning of process-adapted and functionally integrated handling solutions, such as:
-Electrostatic grippers
-Gripper for handling mould thermoplastic composite blanks
-Self-adaptive kinematics for mold-adapted gripping and deposition of semi finished materials


Prototyping of composite products (selective reinforcements, bio-based composites, pipes and vessels, multi-material composites, tailored composites blanks)

Process Optimization and Consulting

Feasibility studies, Prototyping, Process implementation in series production

Our use cases

Research project “Fabulous“ - Function-integrated drive components for electromobility, made possible by the use of novel high-performance composite materials in the electric motor:

The "fabulous" project aims to demonstrate that the efficiency of electric drives can be improved by using new materials for the rotor of an electric motor.
-Advantages: Emission reduction, extended range of vehicle
-Materials: carbon fiber-reinforced PPA
-System and process: PrePro3D, laser-assisted tape placement
-Further details (weight, surface quality, costs): weight reduction, increased temperature and media restistance
-Development status: Project is ongoing
-Development partners: Fraunhofer, SMEs

Research project “DaQoTa“ - Digitized and Quality-controlled Production of Composite Pressure Tanks:

In the “DaQoTa” project, the Fraunhofer IPT and its partners in the consortium are developing a complete process chain to reinforce pressure vessels made of thermoplastic fiber composite.
-Advantages: Streamlining the thermoplastic pressure vessel manufacturing for hydrogen storage
-Materials: Thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites
-System and process: Laser-based automated tape winding, in-situ monitoring, digital twin
-Further details (weight, surface quality, costs): weight and cost reduction through optimized design
-Development status: project ongoing
-Development partners: SMEs

Research project “ColdCureComposites“ - Energy-efficient production of fibre-reinforced lightweight components with new photocure thermosets:

In this "C³ - ColdCureComposites" project, the Fraunhofer IPT is developing production technologies for the manufacture and further processing of a new, cold-curing composite.
-Advantages: Cost reduction in tow-preg production, improved energy efficiency, in-situ curing during tow-preg processing
-Materials: Composites, GFRP, UV-Resin
-System and process: Tow-preg production up to 6 material webs, UV-curing, pultrusion process
-Further details (weight, surface quality, costs): -
-Development status: Project ongoing
-Development partners: German SMEs

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Chief Engineer

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