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Com&Sens is the forerunner in fiber optic sensing technologies enabling digital manufacturing and structural health monitoring of composites structures.
We implement Fiber Optic Sensing concepts for Condition Based health monitoring of concrete, steel or composites structures based on Fibre Bragg Gratings technology.
We are your one-stop-shop from engineering, production, installation and commissioning of fiber optics monitoring systems to provide online load measurements, data analysis, interpretation and assessment.
Com&Sens stands for Composites and Sensing and has a long track record in embedding optical fibers in composite materials produced by different production processes (resin infusion, resin transfer moulding, prepreg, pultrusion and especially filament winding,…). Both founders (Geert Luyckx and Eli Voet) have their PhD in using embedded Fibre Bragg gratings to monitor deformations of composites materials starting from the production process up till the fatigue life of the structure.
The sensors can be used to monitor the complete life cycle of composite structures (production process but also operation and maintenance). It has its own patented method of connecting fiber optics embedded in composite structures, opening the door to the industrialization of smart composites.

Design and Simulation

Design feedback using in situ strain & temperature data


Curing/welding process control & monitoring

Process Optimization and Consulting

Digitalization of process parameters

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