Development Center for Maintenance of Composites
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Development Center for Maintenance of Composites
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The Fieldlab Composites Maintenance and Repair has been set up at the Aviolanda business park near the Woensdrecht Air Base. Under the brand name DCMC (Development Center for Maintenance of Composites), Dutch innovative companies and knowledge institutes combine and develop knowledge and experience in inspection, production, repair and maintenance of composites.
The DCMC was founded by:
• GKN-Fokker, Specto Aerospace - design, creation and maintenance of composites.
• TU Delft, NLR - high-tech research in the inspection and repair of composites.

These parties work together with:
• TiaT Europe, DTIS, Damen Shipyards - design, construction, maintenance and repair of

The province of Noord-Brabant and the European Union support DCMC through the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the Regional Development Company REWIN West Brabant, the European subsidy program OPZuid. and RegioDeal Midden‐ en West‐Brabant Makes & Moves.

As a central network, research and innovation cluster, DCMC responds to the strong increase in
applications of composites in the aviation, construction, energy, infrastructure, automotive and maritime industries sectors. Also technologies for inspection and repair of composites are developing rapidly. The joining of forces also strengthens the economic competitiveness of the South Netherlands for high-tech maintenance applications in the (aviation) industry.
The aim of DCMC is therefore to develop more and better methods and technologies for inspection, repair and maintenance of existing applications. This means:
1. Less waste of materials.
2. Reduce costs by not replacing the damaged composites, but by improving maintenance and
repair techniques.
3. More knowledge and more knowledge exchange between producers, companies that use
composites in their products, and users.
4. Address more markets and cross-over exchange of knowledge about and applications of

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Refer to the six innovation tracks on our website

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Corporate Story DCMC 2021

DCMC Presentation 2021

DCMC webinar on 29 apr 2021 (LinkedIn). More webinars to be held in the course of 2021.

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DCMC is looking for organizations to become member of the consortium and participate in innovation projects on composite maintenance aspects

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