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As part of Siemens Digital Industries Software, Samtech s.a. is expert in the development of numerical simulation technologies. Founded in 1986 from the Aerospace Laboratory of University of Liège for the development and commercialization of general-purpose Finite Element Analysis software, now known as Simcenter™ Samcef® software, Samtech is expanding its developments to Simcenter™ NASTRAN inside Siemens organization.
Its activities include RTD for non-linear analysis of structural parts (metallic materials, composites, …), interactions in structural assemblies (contact, friction, fracture mechanics, tolerance to damage, …) and global analysis of machine structural dynamics in operations, including mechatronics. Generative design is also addressed with topology optimization and contributes with predictive process simulation to the Siemens' end-to-end software solution for Additive Manufacturing.

Design and Simulation

Samtech develops solutions available in the Simcenter portfolio:
-Non-Linear Structure FE analysis (Simcenter Nastran SOL 402),
-Topology Optimization (for analyst with Simcenter Nastran SOL 200 and for designer in NX),
-Curing simulation based on thermomechanical capabilities
-Simcenter 3D Additive Manufacturing solution, for predictive process simulation
-Rotor Dynamics solution (Nastran SOL 414)

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Samtech is continuously involved in RTD projects at European, national or regional levels:

UPWARDS: "Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework" (2018-2022) coordinated by SINTEF - Wind Energy.
TECCOMA: “Advanced technologies for complex and integrated parts" (2015-2020) coordinated by SONACA - Aeronautics.
SQEQUIP: "SQRTM Equipment" (2014-2018) coordinated by COEXPAIR - Aeronautics.
ICOGEN: “Composite life-cycle integration" (2013-2017) coordinated by TECHSPACE Aero - Aeronautics.
MAAXIMUS: "More Affordable Aircraft structure through eXtended, Integrated, and Mature nUmerical Sizing" (2008-2016) coordinated by AIRBUS France - Aeronautics.
COSSMAS: "Composite Space Structures Modelling and Analysis Software" (-2016).
LOCOMACHS: "Low Cost Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures" (2012-2016) coordinated by SAAB - Aeronautics.
ECOMISE: "Enabling next generation COmposite Manufacturing by In-situ Structural Evaluation and process adjustment" (2013-2016) coordinated by DLR - Aeronautics.
FIRECOMP: "Modelling the thermo-mechanical behaviour of high pressure vessel in composite materials when exposed to fire conditions" (2013-2016) coordinated by AIR LIQUIDE - Automotive.
COMPACT: "Numerical Simulation of Composite Materials Submitted to High Speed Impacts" (2014-2016) coordinated by SAMTECH - Automotive.
DRAPOPT: "Optimal Draping of Composite Materials" (2013-2015) coordinated by SAMTECH - Aeronautics and Automotive.
ECOTAC: "Efficient Composite Technologies for Aircraft Components" (2011-2015) coordinated by SONACA - Aeronautics.
VIRTUALCOMP: Industrial research for an autonomous software environment for sizing aeronautical structures in composite materials and modeling manufacturing processes (2009-2013) coordinated by SAMTECH - Aeronautics.
CRESCENDO: "Collaborative & Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation" (2009-2012) coordinated by AIRBUS UK - Aeronautics.
ALCAS: "Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures" (2005-2011) coordinated by AIRBUS UK - Aeronautics.
APC: "L’avion Plus Composite" (2006-2011) coordinated by SONACA - Aeronautics.
OPTISTACK: "Optimisation d'empilements composites" (-2008).
VIVACE: "Value Improvement through a Virtual Aeronautical Collaborative Enterprise" (2004-2007) - Aeronautics.

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