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Arapaha BV
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Arapaha is a purpose driven start-up based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. We make it possible to fundamentally change how things in and around your house are made and remade.
We develop an endless loop system to make products and manage materials, so they never run out. When designing, we prefer to use bio-based materials and make sure every part can be disassembled and recycled back to its molecules. This is how we create products that are as evocative and beautifully functional now and in the future. Again and again.

Design and Simulation

3D Product design of durable consumer goods (own collection and cooperation with partners)


Development and application of PLA composites: Comingled yarns, braided PLA hybrid composites, Non-woven PLA composites, Foam applications, SMC, sheets, coatings, etc.

Machinery and Tooling

Combined processes


Prototyping, production, assembly of composite parts/products

Process Optimization and Consulting

Virtual testing, Life Cycle Management, Molecular recycling of PLA

Our use cases

The Aqualyte paddle blade is a light weight Paddle, specially developed for Paddle boards. The concept is based on a fully recyclable bio-based design which can be recovered and recycled after its usefull life. Several grades of PLA are used in the composites as well the injection moulded parts.


Light weight Paddle with improved kinetic energy flow to the blade


Hybrid PLA composites & Injection moulded PLA
aprox. 850 grms

Development Status


Development Partners

Hardy Advanced Composites, Ltd & Aqualyte Ltd.

Further information

Arapaha Products

News and Events:
Launching PLA surfboard fins late Summer 2021
Launching PLA rugs Q4 2021
Extend recycling study and pilot plant proofs for molecular recycling of PLA, Q2 2022

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Looking for cooperation for

Brand partners for the development of fully recyclable bio-based products
Experiences with consumer behaviour

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Jörn Behage

Co-founder, Co-owner

+31 6 25338667
Sint Antoniuslaan 22C
Maastricht6221 XK
The Netherlands

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