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Thales Belgium is a long-standing partner of the Belgian armed forces, supplying tactical communication systems and a variety of onboard sensors for armoured vehicles, ships, helicopters and UAVs.
For more than 20 years, the Group has been involved in NATO's programme to upgrade its AWACS early warning and control aircraft, modernising the communications systems as a Tier 1 supplier to Boeing. More than 30 countries, half of them NATO members, have selected 70 mm/2.75” rocket systems from the Thales including rocket launcher, weapon management system and ammunition (warhead & rocket motors).

Design and Simulation

Design: mechanical computer aided design (CAD)

Simulation: Matlab/Simulink Modeling for simulation



Prepregs with carbon and glass fiber with epoxy resin

Our use cases

Low mass is of utmost importance in helicopter applications.
Thales lightweight rocket launchers (FZ® brand) made out of composite material are on average about 50% lighter than comparable metallic rocket launcher, have no corrosion issue and other features. They have been especially developed for rotary wings due to limitation of payload.

During the development of the composite rocket launchers, strict military design processes were applied including a full testing program according to MIL-STD 810H. 

Thales is involved in a project at regional level to develop new generation of lightweight rocket launcher.


No corrosion
Low mass- average about 50% lighter than comparable metallic rocket launcher


Prepreg carbon fibre with epoxy resin, Prepreg glass fiber, High performance foam


Hand layup & autoclave cured. Composites parts and assemblies with sandwich panels and/or monolithic CRFP/GRFP

Development Status

R&D Phase for the new generation of launchers

Development Partners

FN Herstal, Gdtech, JD’C Innovation, Sobelcomp

Further information

Tube Lightweight Launcher 1
Tube Lightweight Launcher 2
Tube Lightweight Launcher 3
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Thales Belgium offers:
-R&D on defense activities
-Project building expertise
-Integration systems expertise onto various platforms (helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, vehicles)
-Technical support for development and integration systems

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Looking for cooperation for

-Technical support of new materials and process development (composites)
-Development of new generation of lightweight launchers
-Integration of new technologies providing new specific functions
-Modularity systems

Contact details

Carmen Ruan Wu

System Engineering Manager

Rue en Bois 63
4040 Herstal

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