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SP2 Carbon Europe
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SP2 Carbon Europe
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SP2 Carbon Technology, based in Los Angeles California, specializes in formulating SP2 Carbon composite additives to provide, with our global platform we reach out to European partners via SP2 Carbon Europe GmbH as well our footprint in Taiwan & China

1. Shielding of EMI;
2. Eliminating of ESD;
3. Increasing of conductivity;
4. Fine tuning of the dielectric constant within needed range.

Our mission is to support the composite industry with the formulated SP2 Carbon additives for applications’ specific needs.


Design the Di electrical constant of the composite through target adjustments based on specification of final composite properties


We produce concentrates like conductive Masterbatch

Process Optimization and Consulting:

Formulation development and technical service adjustment in delivering conductiveness

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Christian Oberleitner


+43 664 4232704

SCS-Bürocenter B4/7
2334 Vösendorf-Süd

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