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We develop and produce innovative and affordable fibre-based material combinations for mass markets. Our revolutionary metal or polymer coated fibres for innovative lightweight components delivers quality and cost benefits to our customers. We are convinced that constant progress in the basis of our economy, namely the materials sciences, has the potential to sustainably improve our environment, our society and our lives. Therefore, as we strive for innovation, we will, achieve a sustainable, accessible and affordable material for our planet and beyond!


Polymer coated fibres
Bi-component multi-filament yarn with E-glass core and polypropylene sheath

Metal coated fibres
Bi-component multi-filament yarns with basalt core and aluminum sheath


Continuous basalt fibre spinning- Industrial spinning line with an output of 30 to 100 kg/day
Metal application- Flexible coating system for different metals with a melt temperature of max 1,200 °C
Sizing application- Usage of application specific sizings with different properties possible

Detailed listing of our products and services

Polymer coated fibres:
-Core-sheath filament
-New glass-thermoplastic fiber contains reinforcing and matrix components
-Textile character ~1.500 tex
-E-Glass and PP or PA6
-Tailored fibre volume fraction 60 - 80 %
-Application: The range of applications extends from consumer products to industrial equipment as well as aerospace components.

Metal coated fibres:
-Core-sheath filament
-New basalt-aluminum fiber with high stiffness and metal properties
-Multifilament yarn with 100 single filaments
-Full and homogeneous sheath
-Tailored fibre volume fraction 60 - 80 %
-Electrical resistance of yarn (29 tex) 25 Ω/m, woven fabric surface resistance 0,1 Ω/□
-Application: Battery casing, 5G-shielding, Filtration, Reinforcement, Smart textiles

Delivery options
Yarn- Multifilament yarn with single coated fibres
Fabric- Weave, non-cimped, braid, non-woven, knit
Composite- Fibre reinforced metal sheets

Further information

We are currently in scale-up and looking for investment

Looking for cooperation for

Material development, new aluminium fibre applications, glass fibre producers interested in online polymer coating

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Robert Brüll


0241 80 23275
Alexianergraben 9
52064 Aachen

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