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Taja Plastics N.V. is a family business in Maaseik (Limburg) that has been manufacturing LDPE plastic bags and rolls since 1982. We manufacture the plastic bags and LDPE tubular film rolls by extrusion. We heat plastic pellets or granulate so that we can process them and the extruder can blow them into foil. We use both new and recycled raw materials in the production process.

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Taja Plastics N.V. offers a quality bag for every job
The Limburg Taja Plastics N.V. (Maaseik) also offers plastic bags for heavier work: heavy duty bags or industrial bags, possibly with micro-perforations.

These bags are specially produced by us for the transport of, for example, animal feed, seeds, fertilizers, coal, potting soil, sand, building materials and rubble. Ideal for grain traders and flower farms, but just as good for private individuals.

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Next to heavy duty composite bags, Taja Plastics offers also a great variety of LDPE plastic bags, varying in colour and text which can be printed on the bag. Click here

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Ken Van Aken


+32 089 56 73 62

Industriezone Jagersborg 2007
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