2C-Composites GmbH & Co KG
Company name
2C-Composites GmbH & Co KG
Company description

– High performance in fiber composites
– Development, design, prototyping and series production
– Components made of CFRP, AFRP and GFRP
– Braidings out of ceramic fibers
– Reinforcement of high-speed permanent-magnet-motors


Reinforcement tubes for high speed motors
Rotors bandages made of CFRP or GFRP
Reinforcement of high speed permanent magnet rotors (e.g. Formula E)
Bradings out of sensitive fibers from 4mm diameter up to 500mm diameter
Overbraiding preforms
Braiding preforms of ceramic components
RTM components

Our use cases

Development of a filament winding process for the targeted reinforcement of the pressure vessel pole caps to reduce the winding times and fiber consumption

Contact details

Dr. Thomas Bäumer


+49 (0)2452 15 59 59

Gladbacherstrasse 20
52525, Heinsberg

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